Battle of Prokhorovka

        This game depicts the high water mark of the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943 as the German 1st SS Panzer Division attempts to take the high ground and a nearby village from the Russians.  Historically, the Russians counterattacked heavily in this area with tanks.  Here are the rules used and photos of the game played at Gamestorm in March 2014 and Enfilade in May 2014.  Click on the photos to get the higher resolution version.

The Rulebook (booklet form)   The Rulebook (single page form)

The Data Cards     German Cards     Russian Cards



       The 1st SS Panzer is staged on the next table ready to go into action.  The tank companies are in the front with the infantry companies in the back.  Two companies of armored Panzer grenadiers can be seen in the foreground loitering behind their halftracks.  Each company has its data card on the table behind it.


        This is another view of the confident German SS troopers as they await the start signal.  One company of Tiger tanks that have been attached for this campaign can be seen just above center right.


        A close up view of the 1st Panzer company as they prepare to move into action.


        German scouts report Russian Infantry dug in on the high hill to the left and at the front edge of the town in the distance.  The patch of woods to the right seems to be bristling with activity as well.  Scouts report no sign of Russian armor yet but aerial reconnaissance says tanks are on the way.


        Three companies of Russian infantry defend the hill with a fourth in reserve just visible behind the trees at the crest.


        Three more companies of Russians defend the partially ruined village with a fourth company on the march on the road to the far rear.


        Another view of the town defenses.  The German attack will come from the left.


        A view from the Russians on the hill as they await the German onslaught.  The commanding view of the valley from this position makes this a prime target for the Germans.



        A close-up of the Russian forward position on the shoulder of the hill.  This company looks a little frazzled as German panzers appear in great strength on the map.   Another Russian company can be seen in the distance holding a patch of woods.




        Close-up detail of the Russian fortifications on the top of the hill.  Sandbags and logs give the Russians a solid position.


        German tanks advance on each flank with armored infantry trailing behind.  Assault guns fire from the woods to the right while Tigers control the center of the field.  A Panzer IV can be seen disabled in a minefield at the lower right.  Counterattacking Russian T-34's have appeared from behind the hill and can be seen at its base (behind all the dice).


        Russian T-34's enter from the back side of the hill, flanking the German Stug's which have pushed to the base of the hill.  After some damage to the German assault, the Tigers in the center destroyed them all.


        Close up of a Panzer IV in action.  In the upper right can be seen a Tiger tank and its Pz III providing flank protection.  When Tigers were first deployed, they always had a Pz III shadowing them.


        The fight rages in the center of the board.  Little T-70's stand ready for action in the center of the photo.


        German Infantry has captured the forward shoulder of the hill but have lost an assault gun to a hidden AT gun (just visible in the center of the Russian postition).  The Russian strength on the hill has been severely reduced after a massive five card artillery barrage and the hill appears ready to fall to the Germans.  Russian tanks in the valley to the right still pose a threat though.


        The Russian view of  the assault.  The German armored advance can be seen.  Russian and German tanks on fire highlight the fight on the right while SU-152's stand ready to the left of the hill.


        German Pz IV's and Russian T-34's clash at extreme close range.



          The German reserve tank company enters the field in a tight column heading for the action on the right.  Many destroyed tanks can be seen far to their front.



        A view down the main street of the town as Russian defenders wait for the battle to come to them.  Damage to buildings caused by bombing can be seen.


        Another view from the town as the battle rages in the distance.


        As time runs out,  Russian infantry still holds the crest of the hill as the battle continues in the valley below.