2nd Bull Run


      This game was run at Gamestorm 14 in Vancouver, WA in March of 2012.  It depicts both days of the Battle of 2nd Bull Run, also known as the 2nd Battle of Manassas, fought in April of 1862, during the American Civil War.  The rules used for the game are my own invention and are available below as a free download.






The Battle of Brawner's Farm

      Two divisions of Confederate troops (advancing from left) surprise King's Division on the pike to start the battle.  Most of Jackson's army is in the railway cut out of view to the left.  More Union troops are in the distance near Henry House Hill (top center of photo).






Brawner's Farm

      This view from the Union side shows several shattered brigades retreating as the day ends in a minor victory for the Confederates.





      Union troops from I Corps wait near Henry House Hill as III Corps arrives on the Warrenton Pike from the East (top left of the photo) on the second day.



2nd Bull Run Rules Download